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Life coach, your support through migration.

Moving to a different country is a highly emotional and taxing process.  I know - I went through the migration process at the beginning of 2019 with my family.  It can be very stressful and easily cause overwhelm, with a knock-on effect on key relationships or a general inability to function optimally. Add to that the very real possibility that you possibly had to leave loved ones behind or take a step back in your career.  

Many people have likened the emotions experienced during a migration process with the intense grief associated with the loss of a loved one. A major difference, however, is that you will often not have the luxury of time to deal with all of this, whilst settling in your new country. 

I am a life coach that has experienced the process and, through coaching, can help you to regain your focus to ensure that you achieve a successful migration journey.  

Make the Shift Happen - Navigating a Significant Change

A migration process is wrought with change.  As human beings, we often tend to shy away from change, as safety and security lie in the known and the various routines we set for ourselves. When you pack up to leave for the unknown, there are often some expected changes but also a large number of unexpected and therefore often unplanned changes.  This can create havoc, and in some instances, almost a complete paralysis from a mindset and drive perspective. 

Coaching can help you unlock yourself and make the shift happen. As your life coach I will hold your hand and assist you in changing a bumpy ride into a smooth migration journey. 

My commitment to you is to provide understanding and support, but also to keep you accountable to ensure you make a great success of this life-altering adventure. 

Knowledge & Experience

Marelize Bosch, Bosch Coaching, experienced, professional life coach


As a professionally trained and experienced life coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you refocus and shift your mindset and emotions to ultimately help you achieve your goal and live a fuller life. 

I am a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) holding the ACC credential as well as a certified  ORSC (Organisational Relationship System Coaching) Coach. 

I am also an accredited Integrative 9 Practitioner (Enneagrams). 

I can thus both assist you in your migration journey and with any system (family or otherwise) that you are a part of.

M Bosch - Credentials


Achieve Your Full Potential

Coaching is a partnership which, through a thought-provoking and creative process, will assist you to achieve your full potential, both personally and professionally. As your life coach,  I will be your greatest supporter, sound board, challenger and companion on your migration journey.  Together we will celebrate your successes and regroup after setbacks.  This journey can continue for as long as you need to and until you have met your own personally prioritised goals.  

Take control and plan for your new future

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Improving significant relationships

Imagine your life if your personal and professional relationships were more conscious, creative and supportive.  How great would it be attain this, through coaching, and to have reduced stress levels and more control?   I am the life coach that will assist you in navigating your migration journey.